Friday, February 22, 2008

Going South for the Winter

My parents are sick and tired of the cold and the snow so they are going south for the next three weeks . . . to Antarctica! Yeah, I know, CRAZY! I think they have a few brain cells frozen in those heads of theirs. I hope they realize that Antarctica is not a tropical locale, although Mommy tells me that the temperature down there is in the mid-30s (certainly warmer than Minnesota, Michigan or New England!).

They did actually offer to bring me, but I said no way (and who said pugs were not intelligent)! I will be with my new boxer friend, Roxy, and her family for three weeks.

So, my wonderful blogging friends, I will be away (re-training Roxy and her family to my liking) for the next three weeks. My parents promise to bring back treats for me and lots of pictures!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The President's Weekend

Well, I am finally getting around to reporting what my parents and I did this weekend. I think I had more fun because 1) I am spoiled, and 2) my parents were in cold and snowy Michigan while I was frolicking with a newfound buddy in warmer Alaska.

This is what my parents saw most of the weekend: snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Actually, this is a pretty shot of Lake Michigan in a tiny town called Empire.

This is my aunt -- Annie. She is a big clutz, er, Airedale Terrier.

This is my Daddy with Annie. Daddy tried to get Annie to sit in his lap like I do, but Daddy's lap is too small.

Now I had a rocking weekend with my new boxer friend -- Roxy. Sure, Roxy initially tried to get in my face to prove that she was a tougher dog, but I nipped that in the bud. By the end of the weekend, I had Roxy fully under my command.

Here we are, both attempting to look adorable to get the doggy cookie. Obviously, I was the only one who succeeded

Here is Roxy looking appropriately ashamed after realizing that she couldn't even begin to compete with me in the cuteness department

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

D.O.G. Bakery

Hello everyone! Hope you had a nice long weekend of relaxation and fun. My parents just picked me up from my weekend pug-sitter and guess what?! There was a treat waiting for me at home! Yay!! And it wasn't just a T-shirt . . . it was a box of carob-covered homemade cookies from the D.O.G. Bakery! Yummmmm!

This was the pretty box waiting for me at home. The ladies at the store did an excellent job packaging the treats

I could have sworn the ribbons are edible also . . . but Mommy took them away from me

This is the D.O.G. Bakery -- a wonderful place located in Traverse City, Michigan. My Aunt Judy gave me a box of their cookies a few months ago, and they were scrumptious. So when my parents went to Michigan this weekend, they just had to stop in. If you have a chance to go there, definitely do: it's a great little store filled with baskets and baskets of homemade treats, pet toys and accessories.
This is the storefront . . . looks fun and inviting

These are the ladies in the store. Layla -- the retriever in the middle -- is actually the boss of the whole operation. She tells the humans what to do . . . she is also the official cookie taster (a hard job, I know!)

Mommy almost tried one of these doggy cookies -- they looked so yummy.

More about my weekend later . . .

Friday, February 15, 2008


What is with my parents?! They can't seem to sit still at home . . . why can't humans simply play with pugs, eat, sleep, and play and sleep some more?! But noooo -- my parents are flying to some Michigan-place for the weekend. Mommy is not that excited because she thinks it is really cold there; Daddy can't wait because he will be going home.

So, instead of putting me in a kennel for this trip, my wild and wacky parents are trying something new: a pug-sitter. I will be spending the weekend with a family that has a boxer. Boxers are kind of interesting -- they look like big pugs but are kind of spaz-y. They have long legs that kind of get everywhere. But they are quite friendly, even overly aggressively friendly, not like us pugs who are adorably friendly!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dogs on TV

Daddy and I were lollygagging around the house this weekend since we were hit with a HUGE snowstorm Saturday and couldn't go anywhere. I don't mind the snow except it's hard for me to hop around such high drifts. So we have been in the 40s Fahrenheit since Sunday, and now everything has turned to icky slush . . . and it's raining! Blech!

Yesterday was a nice night of TV for yours truly: Mommy watched the Westminster Dog Show and then we watched I am Legend. I was in heaven since I got to watch dogs, dogs, and more dogs on the television.

The Westminster Dog Show last night featured the hound, herding, terrier, and non-sporting groups. I was routing for the bulldog. Mommy and I both think that the bulldog was robbed of 1st place, by (of all things) a standard poodle! I hope the toy poodle doesn't win tonight in the toy group; pugs all the way! Mommy was wondering why I kept on barking at the dalmation . . . she didn't know that all those spots running around the ring made me dizzy.

And then we watched I am Legend with the German Shepard running around with her human in New York City. I started barking at her as well, but Mommy made me quiet down -- she said she couldn't hear what the human was saying . . . as if that was important!

I can't wait til tonight when the Westminster Dog Show continues . . . Go Pugs!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Reading the Morning Paper

Now I know all of you out there think I am just a pretty face, but I want to state that I am no slouch in the intelligence department either. Unbeknownst to many people, I can read the newspaper! I grew up reading the venerable New York Times; however, since we have moved, I am only able to access the Ketchikan Daily News. This has caused a marked decrease in my fundamental knowledge of world politics and world economics; and my views have swung from liberalist to marked conservatist (Alaska is a red state). I have beseeched my parents to order a subscription to the New York Times . . . but they have refused. Another example of how humans are trying to keep us pugs down!
Mommy -- please flip to the business section; I need to check how my stocks are doing

Daddy, why are you laughing? Haven't you seen a pug read a newspaper before?

Hmmm, this global warming thing is getting worse and worse . . .

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fireman Daddy

I am so proud of my Daddy! He joined the Volunteer Fire Department and here he is in his fireperson outfit. Doesn't he look brilliant!

This is Daddy

I am making sure this is Daddy underneath all that garb

Don't I look fabulous?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Pug Slippers

My parents were watching the SuperBowl yesterday. There was alot of hooting and yelling going on . . . I didn't understand what all the big deal was about. This was me during the entire game, except when that black lab appeared on one of the commercials . . . I thought that was a great ad! Anyway, Mommy made me write this: Congratulations NY Giants!!!

Now, back to MY blog:

Mommy found these pug slippers at Walmart and decided Daddy couldn't live without them. I decided that they were mine (actually everything in the house is mine . . . my parents just don't realize it yet).

Not as cute as a real pug

Daddy modeling the latest craze in footwear -- pug slippers

I am trying to figure out if this is edible . . .

Definitely edible . . .