Sunday, August 25, 2013

Adoption Fair

Hi all!  I know I have been notoriously silent recently (I blame it on the scorching hot Florida summer sun!), but I wanted to tell you all about the important event my family and I attended today.  There was an Animal Adoption Fair in Ft. Lauderdale this morning/afternoon that hosted rescue groups from all over south Florida, and not just for dogs but cats, birds, hamsters, etc. as well!  Of course, the most prominent and most important group was Mommy's favorite:  Compassionate Pug Rescue (or CPR, as they like to call themselves).  I have to say that they were one of the most visited booths of the entire fair . . . I am sure I don't have to explain why!

Look at all those adorable guys in there.  I think my parents petted each one of them about ten times.

 This one was one of Mommy's favorites as she kept coming back to him and playing with him.  Uh-oh!  I tried to tell my parents that I was well-adjusted as an only pug child, and that a pug sibling was not necessary.

Mommy was tempted to pick him up and run away with him when the booth ladies weren't looking