Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am a Pretty Girl

WOO-HOO! Guess what we got in the mail yesterday . . . my new dress from Punchy! I don't know who was more excited, me or my parents. And it got here super-fast for Alaska also -- I think Punchy must have given the mailperson extra treats. Now I am not usually a good model (I hate wearing outfits, prefering to be au naturel), but this dress was absolutely made for me!
I am being so good sitting still -- my parents didn't even have to bribe me!

I must say, I do look smashing in this dress. All you Hollywood starlets, eat your heart out!

And it fits perfectly! Most dresses are too tight in the neck and too long, but this one is custom-made.

Here is Daddy's Little Girl all decked out

Mommy, Daddy, and I are just so pleased with my new dress. Thank you Punchy for the beautiful outfit!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Forgot My Award

Thanks to Pearl and Daisy for reminding me that, along with being tagged for a meme, I won an award! I blame my humans for this oversight -- I think they are extremely jealous that I am winning awards and they are left in my dust . . .

Monday, July 21, 2008


I am embarrassingly late with this meme, but it is all Mommy's fault being out of town and all. I had asked Daddy to help me, but he then said, "What's a meme?"
Daisy and Pearl tagged me for the fridge meme, which I am sure most of you know what it's all about. Essentially: 1. Show a photo of the front of your fridge 2. Tell us about one thing on it and one thing you keep inside of it.
This is the front of our fridge in all it's glory. Exciting, eh? Well, that's my parents for you -- dull, dull, dull. Their excuse is that they have no human children; but then what's wrong with more picture of me?

I find it extremely insulting to have only ONE picture of yours truly . . . you would think my parents don't love me enough or something! That picture of me on top was a gift from Aunt Judy in Michigan . . . maybe SHE loves me more than Mommy and Daddy. The awesome puggy magnet was a Secret Santa gift from Willow, Belle, and Turbo's Mom. And you will notice the free advertising for Abercrombie & Kent, the travel company. Mommy and Daddy have been all over the world with that company -- they are awesome!

Inside our fridge is pretty boring. I suppose the only interesting thing is hummus -- it is a staple in our house as Daddy loves, loves, loves it. I find it quite tasty as well.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Hero

Mommy is finally back from her multiple trips. She was very worried about me during this time: was I eating OK? Pooping/peeing enough? Getting enough exercise? I told her not to worry, that Daddy took extra special care of me . . . after all, he is my hero!

Here we are in front of his fire house

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Go Away Birds!

Almost back to normalcy here. I am getting the full attention from my parents that I deserve, and my scheduled walks have been, well, on schedule rather than an hour or two off. Mommy, though, is off to NYC again for work, so it will just be Daddy and me for a week. That's ok, because I like to snuggle with Daddy more.

This is me at one of my favorite places -- the marina. Lots of fish, crab, and other carcasses here for me to sniff and try to snack on. For some reason, my parents get upset when I try to eat anything here

Eagles are like pigeons back home -- they are EVERYWHERE!

This is a young eagle sitting on the swing set in our backyard. Mommy likes watching them because they are majestic . . . but she does admit they are loud! They screech and screech and screech . . . it can get annoying when a puggy is trying to sleep.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend's Over

Well, I hope every puggy and their family had a good 4th of July holiday. I had a great time because my Mommy and Daddy were home with me nearly the whole weekend! It was kind of cloudy-rainy for the three days, though, which put a little damper on the festivities.

My town had a small parade and some booths where various organizations sold food and had games. Daddy helped out in one of the game booths; Mommy and I went to visit him, but we didn't get to play for free at all! What's the point of having connections if it doesn't get you free stuff? I did manage to weasel 3/4 of a hot dog out of Mommy, though . . . That evening we watched some fireworks by the marina. I wasn't sure what to make of them -- why do you need such a loud noise to go along with the light? But in the spirit of celebrating our nation's independence, I barked right along with the fireworks.

So, that is my holiday recap. And now the work week has restarted - ick!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My City

After much needed rest and contemplation, I have decided that I like having guests over. This, of course, is not a universal decision in the Wild Alaskan Mountain Pug household as I think Mommy and Daddy get stressed over entertaining. But I don't care because it is MY house. So, in order to entice more relatives and friends to come visit, I am going to put up pretty pictures of my town. This is on one of the mountain trails Mommy and I hike occasionally:
This is the northern part of the city proper.

This the southern part of the city. Normally, you would see three or four cruise ships docked.

Nice scenery, no? Now, don't you guys want to come visit me? My parents will be fine with it, trust me!