Monday, November 22, 2010

Caught Again

Something mortifying happened to me this weekend. I thought I got away with something but then my parents found out about it in quite an embarrassing way. I am the first to admit that I love chocolate; I know it is dangerous for me and my parents never let me have any. But that doesn't stop me from trying to obtain it whenever I can (live life on the edge, that's what I say). So, my Mom had some leftover small Snickers bars in her bookbag that she forgot about. My parents and sis left me alone on Thursday afternoon and my keen sense of smell brought me to Mom's bag and I was able to help myself to a few of those bars. Since I didn't know how long my family would be out, I had to scarf them down quickly.

When my parents came back, Dad saw one Snickers wrapper on the floor. Mom was horrified and confused: she didn't see any more Snickers bars in her bag, but couldn't find any more wrappers. She thought she had at least 4 of those bars left. My parents watched me closely overnight, but I felt fine (and proud of myself for getting away with such a steal!). I felt fine, that is, until this weekend. On Saturday I had a weird-colored poop; Mom was wondering why my poop was white and blue. She looked closer (she had to pick up after me, of course) and saw the letters S-N-I-C-K-E-R-S on the white part. Boy was she steaming mad! And then I got really sick yesterday and started dry-heaving for an hour, until finally, 3 more wrappers came up. My parents were both furious and very concerned about me at the same time. Once they realized I was ok, they started lecturing me about eating chocolate, especially with the wrapper still on. I tried to tell them that the wrapper was no impediment to my enjoying the chocolate itself, but I think that got me in more trouble. Suffice it to say I didn't get very much to eat last night; Mom said it was to make sure my stomach was recovered, but I know when I am being punished! Can't say it wasn't worth it, though . . .

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Puggy Meet Up

This time I can't blame anyone but myself for the late post. I am still recuperating from the Pug Meet up I went to this weekend. The Pug Rescue of Florida held a meet on Saturday in Maitland, Florida. My family and I went and had a fun time, especially since this was our first pug event. Mommy and Daddy were in heaven -- pugs EVERYWHERE. Mommy had wanted to enter me in the "Biggest Pug" contest, thinking I was so chunky (I call it voluptuous) I would easily win. What a surprise to find that there are pugs bigger than me-- whew! I felt better after that. My parents wanted to bring home a rescue pug, but my sister said, "noooo way"; apparently, she can't stand the further lack of attention she would receive if another pug came home.

We met this brother and sister pair at the meet-up. These were the biggest black pugs we have seen! Normally, I find that black pugs are smaller than the fawn colored ones.

Doesn't he look dapper?

Mommy was very impressed -- she has never seen a brindle pug before.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My parents left me AGAIN!

I should win the award for most neglected pug of the year. My parents left me again for one week -- this is becoming a very annoying habit. Mommy said they were leaving for a very good reason: my uncle was getting married. So what? Why couldn't he have the darn wedding at our house? Florida's lovely this time of year! Nooo, instead, everyone has to fly to another country (Daddy says it is in some place called Rivera Maya in Mexico) and inconvenience me with this activity. And why does my little sis get to go? So what if she is the flower girl? And why did my uncle not pick me to be the flower girl -- I think he likes my little sis more than me (Mommy assures me that is not the case but you be the judge).

Luckily, my parents brought me to stay with Peanut and his mom, Monika, for the week. I don't know why I have this thing with dauschaunds -- they seem to be following me around. I actually had loads of fun chasing him and the other dogs around (but don't tell my parents that -- I told them I had a miserable time)

This is a picture of the resort my parents stayed in. Mommy said they didn't allow pets at the place. What kind of joint doesn't allow pugs?

Looks like Florida, only a tad bit warmer

So this is what my idiot sis does during the wedding -- play with the sand. Mommy said she walked down the aisle like a trooper and then kept on walking (it was a beach wedding) to play in the sand. What a pro, eh? I'm telling you, my uncle picked the wrong niece as a flower girl -- I would have been a hundred times better behaved (and much prettier also)!

Something's Up

Something's up with my parents: they keep talking to themselves in low voices and then they look at me and smile. My parents won't tell me what is going on, but they have dropped hints like, "Frances, you are going to love this" and "Can't wait till Saturday". C'mon, why do parents have to be so sneaky!? Tell me already -- everyone knows pugs aren't patient dogs.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Guests in the house

We had two special houseguests with us while I was trying to overcome my writer's block -- Frankie and Ruby. Their Mommy was away for a week and she wanted to make sure her kids were at the best place possible away from home, so she picked my house! I was actually bigger than both of them so I had to play nice. My Mom said they are better behaved than I am, especially during our walks. Humph! I am just more independent than those two silly dogs.

This is Frankie. Notice how he is begging to be loved? I don't need to beg -- people flock to me all the time of their own accord.

This is Ruby. She is trying to steal my snack away from my Dad. It's a good thing I don't believe in hitting women!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I have been delinquent

Hi out there. It is yours truly -- the Wild Alaskan Mountain Pug-turned-Wild Floridian Swamp Pug -- here making a delayed appearance. I know it has been over 5 months since I last posted but it wasn't all my fault, truly. Allright, I did get into a writer's funk for a while and then my parents got all busy with a new house and some renovations (don't get my Mom started about contractors and their "estimates"). But things have settled down and I am back in the game!

Just a quick update on me, I did have a mast-cell tumor removed from my abdomen 3 weeks ago. Doc said it looked like she removed all of it as the margins were clear -- way-to-go doc!

This is my Dad trying to make me look cool . . . I don't need sunglasses for that!