Friday, August 29, 2008

Me and My Baby

As we are all gearing up for the Labor Day long weekend, I want to leave with pictures of me and my new baby (i.e. stuffed animal). And to show everyone that I am not as cruel or terrifying as my stories would suggest.

My new stuffed animal (notice the very chic leopard print), from victim . . .

. . . to sleeping buddy

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Meme

I got tagged for the Adore Le Pug meme by Emmitt and Brutus.

I am going to let Mommy do this one since she has not been pulling her weight around the household recently. Something about working too hard and catching a cold . . . as if Daddy and I are going to fall for that "oh-pity-me" act!

Rules: Obey the pug! Answer the following, and pass it on!

1) How did you first learn about pugs?

I have always known about them off-handedly, but had never actually came across one, until of course, the Men in Black II movie came out. When I was growing up, we always had German Shepherds in the house. My husband, however, from the beginning of our relationship, always mentioned how he would maybe one day get a pug. We were living in an small NYC condo at that time, so a pug seemed like a perfect fit.

2) What made you get a pug?

We were at a puppy store looking for a dog for my mother (she recently had both her dogs die on her) when we came across Frances. Now I know it is much, much better all around to acquire a dog from a breeder, but when we saw little Frances, we couldn't resist and brought her home. She was the most adorable thing in that store.

3) Most memorable moment with your pug(s):

Probably the moments we cherish the most is at night, when she is cuddled up between the two of us. All three of us sound asleep in bed (and the two of them snoring away). It is so comforting to be able to go to bed with the ones you love.

4) What is the most important thing pugs (or dogs) have taught you?

Patience and tempering your expectations. Like whenever we think Frances is 100% housebroken, she will poop or pee somewhere in the house out of the blue. We used to get quite angry with her about this, but after a while, we simply decide that in the grand scheme of things, that is not so bad.

5) Best thing you ever did for your pugs . . . aside from loving them, keeping them healthy and happy, and giving them a great life?

Exposing Frances to a different environment. Moving to Alaska might not have made me so happy, but Frances loves it here. The weather is better for her and the air is much, much cleaner. She loves hiking and walking the trails and meeting all the neighborhood dogs (everyone here has at least one dog). The children here are very into dogs as well, so Frances gets her fair share of attention and cuddling from them. It was strange: in NYC I found that about half the children we encountered were deathly afraid of dogs -- even little ones!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Overdue meme

I am ashamed; I have been remiss. I was tagged a long time ago by Brutus to do a meme, and while I have not forgotten it, I certainly have not lived up to the task.

What is your name? Frances Louise

If you could change your name, what would it be? Princess Frances Louise

What is your pet's name? My pets are my humans: Avi and Ling

If you could change your pet's name, what would it be? I would make it officially Daddy and Mommy

What are your brother's and/or sister's names? Alas, I am an only child. I have been pestering my parents for a sibling, though

If you could change their names, what would it be? Something regal, like Frances Louise II and Frances Louise III

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well, I am back from spending a fun-filled weekend at my neighbor's house. My parents went to a wedding in NYC and dropped me off next door where my best friend -- Logan, the labrador -- lives. I had a spectacular time running after him and his Daddy on a bicycle. My human neighbors were surprised that I can run fast enough to keep up with the bike (he was pedaling slow); didn't they know that pugs are second only to the cheetah in speed for land animals?

While I was busy, I garnerned myself two awards . . . now that's stylin'! One is from Emmitt and the other one from Puddleglum (isn't that a cool name)?

I would blog more, but my parents are demanding that I spend more time with them now because they missed me terribly while they were away. Well, duh! The hard life of a pug, having to provide humans with love all the time *sigh*!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Atttack of the Starfish!

I used to think of starfish as a pretty and harmless marine creature. I even tried to eat one once (my Mommy was thoroughly disgusted with me when she saw that). But since moving to Alaska, I have changed my mind . . . yes, they are pretty when they are solo. But take hundreds and pile them on top of one another, and you get a something out of a horror film, or at least my horror film.

Mommy, no! Stay away from the rocks!

This is actually one rock on a good day (by good day I mean not too many starfish gathered in one spot)

Awww, aren't they pretty. And they come in such cool colors . . . NOT! They are slimy and they are everywhere!

I swear, one of them almost jumped off the rock to attack the camera. Mommy says I have a vivid imagination; I will let you guys decide for yourselves . . .

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to Petersburg

Mommy had to go back to the town of Petersburg for work, so Daddy and I decided to accompany her. For you faithful fans of my blog, you will instantly recall that I had visited this town of about 3,000 back in frigid February. Well, let me tell you the weather was immensely more hospitable this time around . . . in the high 60s.

This provides proof as to how I am mistreated by my parents. Apparently pets are not allowed in the ferry cabins, so all pets must remain in the car on the 9-hour ferry ride. Here I am begging my Mommy to bring me with her while my Daddy tries to sneak out the back of the car.

You can see that Petersburg's economy is driven by fishing

Look at all the snow in those mountains back there!

My parents had dinner at The Beachcomber Inn, where they were afforded this sunset spectacle

I, unfortunately, was not able to see such a beautiful sunset as I was left behind in the hotel room.

Monday, August 4, 2008

An Award and the Blueberry Festival

Yay! I am on a roll -- this is my second Brillante Weblog award -- which means I must be good! This one was awarded by the gang at Nevis.

Thanks guys! Of course, there are rules to this award:

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate at least seven other blogs (seven! who came up with that number?)
4. Add a link to those blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

I am going to have to apologize to Poley and Ruki's mom; Mommy is being prickly today and I don't want to antagonize her by making her type more on my blog than necessary. I will see if we can pick this up another day . . .

One of the reasons she is not in a great mood is because she missed my appearance in Ketchikan's Pet and Doll parade because of her stupid work. This mini-parade (all of 5 blocks) kicks off our annual Blueberry Festival (trust me, it's a big to-do here); having come from NYC, this barely counts as a block party, but hey, this is Alaska.

So, the Pet and Doll parade is for kids and the young-at-heart; kids march down the parade route with their favorite doll or pet. Mommy made Daddy walk me in the parade wearing Punchy's dress; much to his chagrin. Daddy cannot multi-task, which means he could not walk me and take decent pictures at the same time. When Mommy saw the pictures, she just gave a big *sigh*.

This is the organized mess at the start of the parade. And yup, people are still wearing sweaters and sweatshirt even though it is the beginning of August. We have had only three days above 70 degrees this summer!

You will notice everyone looking at me . . . What?!? Haven't you ever seen a pug in a dress before?

Very unflattering picture of my backside walking the parade route . . . Professional photographer, Daddy is not.