Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Things I Put Up With

Hi All! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was a very peaceful one as my parents and sister flew to cold New Jersey while I remained in warm Florida. I stayed with my friend Jennifer and had a rockin' time. But my sister came home with my family (drats! I was hoping she would have stayed up north) and has been torturing me since. Witness the punishment I have to endure:

Don't let the cuteness fool you -- she is hatching a diabolical plot

Little sis thinks the entire couch is hers -- she is obviously trying to push me off!

Uh, Mommy, are you going to help me or what?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pug Take-Over

Sorry for the long interval between posts, my friends out there. My parents seem to be running around doing very little which leaves me to fend for myself. It's a good thing my survival skills have been honed to perfection in the wilderness of Alaska!

First, I would like to thank Chewie for his award! I love awards and prizes -- keep them coming! I will try to get to it with the next post.

Second, several residents of the complex we live in have been mentioning that there are quite a number of pugs here. I think they are just jealous that they chose to own an inferior breed of dog, but you know not everyone can be a pug owner. For example, this was a recent day at the dog park:

This intelligent canine is bowing to my great pugness.

This is Fred and me. Separated at birth?

Here I am instructing my loyal subject

Fred and Bandit. Bandit is a 13yo pug that was rescued by Fred's Mom. Kudos to Fred's Mom!