Monday, April 19, 2010


My parents have learned that living in Florida automatically means lots of guests. I don't mind because that means more petting and more treats for me! Unfortunately, some of our guests aren't the human kind:

This little creature peeked out at us from under a shrub. I tried to be friendly and say 'hi' but this guy is very shy.

My parents have taught me to be polite and courteous to our guests. I have taken that lesson to heart . . . here I am snuggling with Mommy's best friend. I am keeping a watchful eye and making sure his slumber doesn't get interrupted.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Have A Chauffeur!

For all you puggies out there -- be very, very jealous! I have trained my little sis to chauffeur me around when I am tired of walking:

Ahhhhh, living the good life!

The trick is to start teaching them when they are young. My sister began pushing me as soon as she learned to walk!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lake Park Art Fair

Hi guys -- I am back! My parents tried to stymie my creative nature by taking away the computer (something about me making my little sister cry), but I have done my penance and now I am back in the game!!

I have been one busy puggy while I was gone. First, my family and I went to the Lake Park Art Fair last weekend (it seems like every little town here has an art fair). Burt Reynolds was the judge . . . I don't know who this Burt Reynolds is, but Daddy was impressed. The fair itself was small but fun as I got to meet some of my neighbors and their humans.

Daddy and me at the art fair. I was a hit with the local police; apparently, they are big fans of Men in Black II as they kept on calling me "Frank"

It's a good thing I made friendly with the police. Otherwise, my little sis might have been arrested for walking on a road sign!