Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My no good parents . . .

Hello all! Sorry for my lack of posts but I have been mad at my parents this past week. I have been sulking and generally voicing my displeasure at them. Apparently, they will be leaving tomorrow on a "family vacation" with my grandmother, aunts, and uncles for a week. But I am not going! What kind of family leaves without their daughter? I have a mind to call social services on them . . .

So, I will be staying at a neighbor's house for the next week. I am sure I will be having lots of fun without them . . . maybe I won't even come home (unless they bring back a cool gift)!

See you guys next week!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Politics, blech!

Sorry about the last post -- it seemed a bit too serious for all my puggy friends. Unless someone nominates a pug to the highest office, I am totally opinion-less when it comes to the next election. But, I do want to support my state of residence because it is beautiful and pretty cool!

This was supposed to be a gift for my little sister, but I think it looks way cool on me!

Way to go Alaska . . . Hey, have you seen the Alaskan quarter? I think it kicks a**!


As a puggy, I have no interest in this politics thing that seems to affect some humans immensely. However, as my parents have been getting numerous calls from family and friends since the nomination of our governor, Sarah Palin, I feel that I should give voice to my Daddy's concerns on my blog.

Yes, Governor Palin is immensely popular in Alaska, except for where we live -- Ketchikan. There are plenty of govenment officials and regular people here who are hopping mad at her because of this "Bridge to Nowhere" fiasco. Daddy gets mad whenever reporters or even the Governor call it the "Bridge to Nowhere" . . . technically, it is the bridge to our airport. Southeast Alaska is made of numerous small islands (even Juneau, our capital, is on an island). Ketchikan is the fourth largest city in Alaska, and the last major city from Juneau until Washington state. Ergo, we have a relatively busy airport that is located on another small island with a population of about 50. The only way to access the airport for us is via ferry that runs only twice an hour. You can imagine how much it sucks to wait 30 minutes for a ferry outside in the pouring rain or in the dead of winter.

So, the people in Ketchikan were all excited when we were earmarked money to build a bridge to our airport. And the reason it is extraordinarily expensive is because of some technicalities the engineers had to figure out: the bridge had to be high and wide enough to allow those super-huge cruise ships to pass under, or a draw-bridge could have been configured. However, there were some issues with a draw bridge and the myriad of float planes that fly on an hourly basis into and out of Ketchikan. These float planes are usually the only means of communication and sustenance for the surrounding islands, bringing mail, food, and other necessary supplies to the people (including forest rangers) that live in the islands around Ketchikan. The float planes also serve as an "ambulance" of sort, flying patients who are sick to our hospital in Ketchikan.

And that is why the humans here are quiet mad and annoyed at our Governor. As I am sure you have heard, she originally supported our bridge when she was campaigning, and then flip-flopped. Daddy had a talk with our mayor as well, and it seems that she can be vindictive when pushed.

As you can tell, Daddy is not a big fan of Governor Palin; Mommy thinks it's cool that a woman was nominated to become vice-president, but she doesn't agree with most of her views. Me? As long as I get treats and lots of loving, I don't care who wins . . .

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pet Parade

Thank goodness for neighbors! Some of you may recall that my Daddy and I participated in the Pet and Doll parade during our Blueberry Festival way back in August. And, I shall remind you, Daddy did NOT live up to the task of taking cute, irresistible pictures of moi during the event. In fact, I think he only got my backside (which, although adorable, is not the most attractive part of me).

We ran into one of our neighbors this weekend who told us she had taken great pictures of me during the parade. Lo and behold! I was blown away by how exquisite I looked in the dress made by Punchy!

I think this is definitely a cover shot

My inquisitive and serious look

I couldn't believe me eyes! A rat all dressed up! What will humans think of next?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Salmon are Running!

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend like I did. It was not rainy for most of the weekend (a first in many months) AND my parents brought me to Ward Lake to see the salmon run. You can actually see the salmon run up the creeks in the middle of town, but we have had 4 or 5 cruise ships in port daily which makes town quite crowded.

It was a beautiful day in Ketchikan so we packed my treats and off we went to the Lake.

This is me greeting some inferior breed who happened to be camping at the Lake with her parents. I was tempted to swipe her red leash since it coordinates with my harness perfectly!

This is a kingfisher. Odd name for a bird, I thought. Mommy said the blue color of its feathers is much more luscious in person . . . I don't know about that . . . I only knew I couldn't climb up there to attack it!

This is me with my X-Ray Vision. Yes all you bloggers out there -- I can see right through your clothes!

Daddy took all these next pictures as I was too busy chasing after the salmon. You can see them in the shallow creek. Sorry about the smudge in the middle of the picture -- it was condensation on the camera lens

The dark or white bodies are salmon. There were lots of dead salmon at the edges of the creek . . . all exhausted from trying to get back to the lake from the ocean

I am so proud of Daddy for his underwater pictures: you can see the salmon all looking at the camera!

"Get that camera out of my face . . . it's hard enough trying to swim back to the lake, avoiding the whales, seals, sharks, and fishermen without the paparazzi hounding you all the time!"

Alas, the fish were too fast for me -- I was unable to catch any myself. This means I will have to start training for next year's salmon run!