Saturday, July 28, 2012

Missed me? Back from Michigan

Here I Am!

Hello all you guys out there . . . I can't believe it has been about a year since I last posted.  Well, in case you were wondering why the lapse, well, I was a busy puggy:  brokering peace in the Middle East, curing cancer, trying to figure out the new Health Care Law . . . Just kidding!  I was just lounging out in the Florida sun and being all around lazy.   
Nothing much as changed except I have gotten some grey hairs around my muzzle and my little sis has gotten bigger and more annoying.  We did recently come back from a nice trip to Michigan to see my paternal grandparents.  Boy was it beautiful up there!  Even Mommy was impressed (she is not a big Michigan fan) at how nice it was in July.  She enjoyed this trip so much that she made me get off my lazy backside to post this blog.  Oh, yeah, Mom - guess who is NOT going to be in my pictures!?!

This is me overseeing the activity at Grandma's house.  I am watching you . . . 

I am on the boat, unwillingly.  Did I mention that I don't like boats?

As you can see, I am the captain of this ship (of course, I am the only one on this ship)

We drove from Traverse City to Canton (outside of Detroit).  This is my cousin Katie.  She is a not-as-attractive-as-moi-Westie.  Here she is mugging for the camera.  You can see my father holding me back so I don't outshine the poor girl

It is very tiring being this beautiful