Thursday, October 27, 2011


Let me start off by saying that pugs are not meant to fly; we are meant to remain firmly entrenched between our parents' laps in a snuggle position on the ground.

My parents and sister went to Taiwan to visit for 10 days while I stayed with Grandpa in NJ. They told me they had a great time, as did I. Before she left, Mommy warned Grandpa not to fall for my sad, woe-as-me-I-am-a-poor-starving-puggy look. Luckily, my grandfather is a softie and pretty soon I had him wrapped around my little paw. I was getting treats and table scraps left and right . . . Mommy was horrified when she returned and saw I had put on a few pounds. I just thought I looked extra cuddly. Mommy warned me that there is a weight limit for in-cabin pets on the airplane and that I just might not be able to fly home with them. Hold on a minute! I thought -- no one said anything about flying home!

As usual, my parents did not listen to me and before I knew it, I am sitting in a carrier underneath an airplane seat. Of course I was a huge hit with the other passengers . . . who can resist a puggy?

Here I am peeking out of the carrier. I was so upset when Mommy told me I had to remain there the entire flight!

I was trying to give Mommy my most pathetic look so she would take me out of the carrier.

I wasn't sure what this was -- kinda looked like those black bears I had seen in Alaska, but different coloring. Daddy called this a panda bear. He said they saw two of them at the Taiwan Zoo.

My parents said the highlight of their trip to Taiwan was the food. Here is just an example of their first day of glorious non-stop eating. Sounds like my kind of vacation!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back Again!

Hello pug bloggers! I am back from an extended hiatus (a forced hiatus by my incompetent parents, I have to add) and ready to regale you all with my adventures. Sadly, nothing spectacular happened during my absence, with the exception of me taking my first plane ride (which I will recount later)!

One thing my Daddy likes about the winters here in Florida (aside from the awesome weather) is that the green markets are back up and running. There are two we attend regularly: one on Sat morning and one on Sun morning. Unfortunately, only the Sat one allows dogs so my options are limited.

This is me and Daddy at the West Palm Beach Green Market.

This unfortunate specimen is my Grandmother's rat -- er, chihuahua. She definitely did not enjoy the green market (don't ask me why, chihuahuas are a strange breed)

Here I am sniffing around one of the plants. Don't tell my parents but I was looking for a place to pee

I was going to pee by the pot but then my sister caught me and ratted me out (stupid sibling).