Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bladder Infection

This past weekend, I was having problems peeing; I had to go constantly. Mommy noticed this and then noticed that my urine was slightly pinkish. We went to the vet today and she suspected I had a bladder infection, but wanted a urine sample to confirm it. So the veternary assistants walked me around their office carrying a ladle to catch my urine -- I thought this was so weird that I didn't pee for them. Mommy had to collect my urine when we got home. The funny thing was that Daddy was totally squeamish about it -- you would think that a man who picks up my poop would have no problems collecting my urine. Noooo! He was totally grossed out by the whole thing -- MEN!

So the vet said I had bacteria in my urine and started me on antibiotics. And I have to start on heartworm medication as well, not to mention continue with my flea medication (I only did my heartworm thing once-a-year in Ketchikan, and we didn't even bother with flea/tick medicine up there). I think I need some compensation for having to take so much medication . . . like a cookie!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Super Squeaker Cow

Hello all! It reached 100 degrees here today, so needless to say I stayed in . . . again. To make up for the indoor imprisonment, my parents bought me this awesome toy -- it's a cow that has 16 squeaker-things inside. I thought I died and went to puggy heaven; I LOVE attacking those squeaker-things. In fact, other than eating, sleeping, and snuggling, trying to get those plastic squeaker-things is my purpose in life!

The cow tried to escape, but I have it firmly by its neck. One shake of my head and the cow will die a quick death via transected cervical vertebra (Mommy makes me watch CSI with her; thus, the professional jargon)

Once the cow is subdued, I can begin the relentless disembowelment to de-squeakify the bovine . . .

Friday, June 12, 2009

At the Pier

Boy is it hot here! I normally like taking my time with my walks, but lately the heat and humidity has gotten the best of me; lounging around in an air-conditioned room has become my routine. Not to say I don't enjoy the outdoors: notice my recent excursion to the local marina . . .

There are way more boats here than in the harbors in Ketchikan, and they seem a bit more, um, expensive also. I don't think many of them are used primarily for sustenance fishing . . .

Ok, Daddy, that's enough. How about we go home for some cold lemonade!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Lookalikes

I know you guys are all marveling about how much my sister and I look alike (see my last blog if you think likewise). Here in Florida, I have noticed a distinct difference in the birds that congregate outside our abode. The birds here are much skinnier and smaller:


We don't see such fragile birds in Alaska

You are too skinny bird . . . you need to eat more meat!


Now, this is the type of bird I am used to seeing. This handsome creature obviously eats very well!