Friday, March 21, 2008


Enough vacation pictures already! Mommy was trying to upload more pictures of Antarctica, but I was faster: my paw hit the "Esc" button on the computer before she could add more pics (see me in action below).

So, these are the last pictures of my parents' trip, when they were actually IN the continent of Antarctica. Mommy was a bit disappointed as she said it looked very much like Alaska, only with bigger mountains, more ice, and more snow.

This is an Argentinian scientific base on Antarctica. And no! those are penguins, not the scientists from Argentina!

Scenery shot

Look -- it's Fudgie the Whale! (from the old Carvel ice cream commercials . . . for those of you old enough to remember). It is actually a big iceberg floating in the ocean.

A lonely penguin looking over his kingdom

Leopard seal -- these guys are mean! They eat penguins, seals, and other animals they can get their teeth on


Suki Sumo said...

Those are pawsome pictures! I imagined that Antarctica would be a bleak white cold yucky place but I was totally wrong. Those penguins are cool. Too bad you didn't get to tag along with the 'rents!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Frances!
Your pictures are amazing! Emmitt and I are so glad you all had great vacations! We missed you and glad you are back. Spring has sprung, but it is snowing here this evening too. :)
m & e

The Devil Dog said...

Those are great photos. Thanks for sharing them. Glad to see you in at least one of them. ha ha


Punchbugpug said...

Amazing photos!

Le Mops said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, now Mah MaMa wants to go even more! Her and the Ricky are planning a trip for December 2009. I can't even plan a month ahead! I'm glad you're back and blogging (even though the parents took over for a bit to post photos!--good trick with the ESC key. I'll remember that!
Le Mops (& Chewie)

Page said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!! But that's funny to think that your parents traveled around the globe to a place that's so similar to Alaska! LOL! Why not a rainforest?? :)

rpm said...

That is just amazing to see! Was it summer there? It's so beautiful.