Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More daylight

The days are getting longer here, finally! This picture was taken from our deck at about 2:30pm -- notice the sun is already low in the sky. Just two weeks ago, the sun would have set already. It gets kind of crazy in the summer when the sun rises at about 3am!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi frances!
that is so neat. i would love to have the sunrise at 3:00 am!
what time does it set on your longest day of the year?
:) m

The Devil Dog said...

Mom would have a real problem with the sun setting at 2:30pm. The sun rising at 3:00 am might be cool though. And then again maybe not, if it meant mom got ME out of bed.


Lex said...

My husband spent the last 2 years working up in Atlin, BC (2 hours south of White Horse and I think 3 hours east of Alaska?).

He said that was the hardest part to adjust too - in the summer only maybe an hour of pure darkness and then pretty much the opposite in the winter.

It gets dark here around 5:30pm now.

Nevis said...

So beautiful, Frances!

Page said...

So weird! I would have the hardest time with that...I think more with the summer 'cause I wouldn't want to sleep with the sun out!

SassyDog said...

Hi, Frances
Gorgeous picture. We are night owls here. Don't think I want the sun up at 3 a.m. either. Do you ever get the winter blues? We do down here in the deep south when the sun doesn't shine, the cold weather is okay. Although the past mornings have been in the 20's. No one wanted to go out. Just wanted to stay snuggling with Mama.
Pugs & Kisses from Fuji in Florida.