Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend at Sarah's

Sorry about not posting for awhile, but my "sorry to do this to you again" parents decided to leave me yet one more time while they jet-set to some place called Palm Springs. And they had the audacity to bring my little sister while leaving me behind! Of course they made the excuse that she couldn't take care of herself while I am a big girl and am responsible enough to be left with a neighbor. I wasn't buying that for a minute! I knew I was being left behind because I was obviously the gorgeous child in this family, and they didn't want my sister to feel bad when strangers would compliment me and not her.

But this time, I got to stay with Sarah and her posse of five dogs. Yup that's right, five of them (one lab, one golden retriever, one spaniel, one jack russell terrier, and one pug)! Sarah has a heart of gold because they are all rescue dogs and she adopted them into her family. I had a great time running around with the pack and bossing them around. By the time I left, I figured out which dog to steal food from when they weren't looking!

This is Paisley. Mommy wanted to take her home with us because she is obviously of superior genetic stock.

Although she is quite good-looking, she felt a bit inferior to my stunning looks while I was visiting. I thought I was quite gracious about it by not drawing too much attention to myself.


The Devil Dog said...

Frances, we love you. You are so funny. We are sorry your parents left you behind, but it was good that you got to stay with a fun pack. I bet they wouldn't have let you on the beach at Palm Springs either.


SassyDog said...

I think you had the better time, getting to run around and play with all the dogs.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi frances!
what fun you had with your friends!
i am excited to see your parents pics too!
m & e

Pearl and Daisy said...


Besides being adorably cute, we also love you because you're so humble.


Pug love from
Pearl & Daisy

Nevis said...

Did you have fun while you were on this camp out at your neighboors? And maybe your parents will bring you back some goodies!!!