Monday, February 1, 2010

Suki and Saki

Hope everyone had a good weekend. The weather was great here in Florida, ranging from 60-80 degrees. Saturday was so nice that all sorts of dogs were out that day; I wanted to introduce you to two of the nicest ones:

This is Suki and Saki, two Pekingese

I think Pekingese must have some pug in them -- I mean, just look at that smushed-in nose!

My parents just love these two dogs . . . I think they offered to swap me for them. The nerve!


Lex said...

Aww they are too cute! I agree with you, i think they are related some how too. and have you seen japanese chins? (:)

Becky said...

They are really cute but I think they may be mixed with a Pekingese. Poms have pointy noses not smushed in ones. I know I have a full blooded one. Whatever they are, they're darling! Glad you met some new friends!

Anonymous said...

I believe these are Pekingese, not Poms. In fact, I used to have a white peke that looked exactly like the one in your picture. :o)

Frances Louise said...

Mommy says you guys are right (bloggers have sharp eyes)! They are Pekingese dogs . . . I must have been sleepy when I wrote the blog.