Monday, January 17, 2011

The beach in January

This is what winter in Florida is supposed to be -- warm and cozy enough for the beach! We had several cold days this winter but now the weather has been spectacular.

I am watching little sis try to put dirt into her bucket. I told her she would get better results by tossing the dirt in with her paws instead of using that silly shovel.

Keeping an eye out for crabs to dine on

Life is good


Stacy Walker said...

Those pictures are adorable. We are so jealous of the nice weather. We have plenty of snow here for you if you want to visit IN! That pic of you looking at your sis is priceless. I bet you can dig better than her though!

The Devil Dog said...

Frances, tell your dad to take it easy and don't push it (that's what everyone keeps telling mom) and even though it will drive him nuts (like it is mom) he will be better of if he listens to all those know it alls.



The Devil Dog said...

Frances, we are supposed to get more snow. I am coming down. Make sure your mom has some broccoli, okay? Do you want anything? (not snow, of course.)



Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi frances!

oh yes!
life is very very good!
i think the wild alaskan pug in florida is a much better way to spend time at the ocean!
we love seeing you with your sister!
m & e