Sunday, November 18, 2007

Home from the Kennel

It has been a bittersweet several days. Mommy and Daddy left for Portland and put me in the "Pet Resort" (aka kennel) to try it out. My parents had heard some good things from other dog owners about the place. So, I was unceremoniously dumped there for five days and picked up today. I was so happy to see my Daddy when he picked me up! It was kind of fun; at least I had a chance to play with other dogs. There were big dogs and little dogs and I introduced myself to every one of them. But get this, the people who run the "Pet Resort" told Daddy I was a very good dog and not aggressive at all; however, I was a bit spoiled. Spoiled?!!? I was outraged when Daddy told Mommy. I overhead him telling her that I supposedly couldn't wait for my turn when it came to being led outside, being fed, etc. Just because I think I deserve the best treatment, I get labelled as "spoiled". I am beginning to have sympathy for this Paris Hilton human that Mommy keeps reading about -- I think we both have been misunderstood.

My parents drove to Mount Hood to see what all the fuss was all about. They tell me that people try climbing that mountain all the time. It was quite foggy and rainy that day so they couldn't see very much.

Tall trees.

This is me after Daddy has picked me up. We were picking Mommy up at work. Notice how my red harness is sliding around on me -- I swear I must have lost weight during my time in the kennel.

I am trying to jump out the window into Mommy's arms.

Back at home.

It's not called spoiled. It's called being loved!


Pug Mommy said...

Spoiled pug!?! Is there any other kind of pug? I agree, it is just loved. Thanks for thinking about us. Will keep you updated on maggie.

Kim said...

Of course others don't understand! You are a Pug, you are due to special treatment. All pugs are, we are the supreme beings.
Love, Romeo-Shadow-Jack&Jelleybean in MD.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Spoiled? Of course you're spoiled! You're a Pug! You are royalty!

Clover said...

I hear you, Frances, we pugs are not spoiled, we are loved! And how could it be any other way? We are too hard to resist. Hope you had fun playing with the other doggies!
Love Clover xo

rpm said...

Have the kennel people never had a pug in their presence before?? The best thing about going to the kennel is going back home! It sure is pretty up where you live.