Monday, April 7, 2008

Birthday Recap

So I turned two years old Friday, and boy was it exciting! Daddy gave me a brand new baby (aka stuffed toy), which I prompty destroyed (that's how I roll). Then for dinner -- voila! -- there was half a pork chop cut into tiny cubes mixed in with my normal kibble. One word: yummmm! And then, to top it off, Mommy made me a birthday cake from a recipe she found on Gizmo and Gadget's website. It was made from flour, carrots, honey, and peanut butter. She topped it off with strawberry yogurt (did I mention I LOVE yogurt?!), double yummmmm! I thought she could have decorated the cake and put my name on it or something, but I overheard Mommy tell Daddy something about I wouldn't know the difference . . .
This is my delectable cake. Kind of plain jane without any decorations or candles

I am giving it my patented sniff-test. Smells okay . . . alright, if you force me to eat it, I'll eat it!

I thought I was going to get the whole cake, but as you can see, I got cheated and only received a slice. But Mommy put it on a human plate . . . snazzy!

Non-flattering close-up of me with yogut on my lips

Of course, I had to share the cake with our doggy guest, Ohren. I also saw my parents sneak a bite; I think they said it was pretty bland. What do humans know?! -- it had peanut butter and yogurt, and that is enough for me. Mommy also took a slice to Logan, my labrador friend who lives next door. I think that it too much sharing of MY birthday cake . . .


pugfreak said...

Wow!!! Happy Birthday and it looks like you celebrated in style! Food! What more can a pug ask for!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

What a great birthday, even if you did have to share your cake! LOL!

Lex said...

It sounds like you had a fun birthday!!

The Devil Dog said...

What a fun birthday, but yeah, I think they gave away WAY too much of your cake. Glad you got the pork chop, though.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Frances!
What a great birthday and super cool birthday cake your mom made for you! Your family is the coolest ever and you are a very special pug!
Happy, Happy Birthday!
M & E

Nevis said...

HAPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY FRANCES! You're so adorable. And your humans are so excellent...making you a cake and putting yogurt on it as a frosting. What a brilliant idea!

And the picture of you with yogurt on your lips is so...precious. I love it!!

Aniemother said...

Yoghurt on a pug lip is absolutely kissable! We think your cake looks absolutely yummy! Oh - and happy belated birthday!

the WriggleButts