Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Whales . . . who cares?

It has been beautiful, but chilly here these past few days. The sun is gloriously shining, but temps still dip to the mid-20s at night . . . brrrr! But the sunshine seems to be bringing out all the critters: Mommy and Daddy saw humpback whales this morning while eating breakfast! Daddy put up a hummingbird feeder, and we have had several of those little birds drop by and take a sip of the sweet stuff. Mommy saw a woodpecker with a fluff of red feathers on its head yesterday, and the eagles have been screaming their beaks off (mating season?). My parents seem to be excited about all these sightings . . . Me? This is what I think of all this:


Nevis said...

Oh, Frances. You're too cute.

Lex said...

Haha you are awesome! :)
Its all about the squirrels anyways.. right? Atleast it here at my place..

TwoPugs said...


You are so right. Who cares about all those boring animals? The only animals that count are puggies. Sheesh.

Happy pug snorts from,
Pearl & Daisy

Weeny&Daisy said...

hehehe what a cutie pie! xxx

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Frances!
You always crack me up! Your mom and dad and you live in a truly magical place!
m & e

Page said...

That's right, Frances.....if you can't chase it, it ain't worth thinkin' about!! hehe ;)

The Devil Dog said...

Mom loves watching whales. She would love to live on the ocean, but alas, not gonna happen. You are very cute, Frances. It was 85 degrees here today, 20 degrees higher than normal, but with all the snow we got, we figure we deserve it.


Clover said...

Haha Frances!
You look verrrry bored about the animal sightings.
My mom is impressed though. Humpback whales?! During breakfast?! Woo!
Love Clover xo

Liss said...

Aww, I think Herbie might be envious of you. I know I sure would like to see a humpback whale as I enjoyed breakfast!



Anonymous said...

Ah ha ha ha how cute! What a cute blog! Especially love this post!

Jealous of all the beautiful nature you guys have!

Wilson & Henry said...

Wow! Whales?! People pay to see that sort of thing over breakfast! I'm so jealous. The most exciting thing I see is college kids walking by on the way to class.