Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Carlanna Lake Trail

I was being so cute and adorable this weekend that Mommy brought me on a walk along one of her favorite trails here in town, the Carlanna Lake Trail. It starts out as a gravel uphill path that looks like it leads to the nearest quarry. But then you get to the top and lo and behold! . . . pristine nature!

This is the view that greets you as you huff and puff your way to the top

As you can see, it is a small lake surrounded by forest and mountains

There are three walkways that lead out to the middle of the lake . . . for people who want to fish

I am taking a well-deserved break after leading Mommy around the treacherous path (it's actually an easy walk, just hilly)

We are at the waterfall at the end of the trail. Along the walk we saw bear poop -- that freaked Mommy out, but I said I'd protect her

I am a Mountain Pug after all!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi frances!
you are a mountain pug! the bravest of them all!
m & e

Nevis said...

Frances, wow, look at your surroundings. They're almost as beautiful as you. No, seriously, those views are so pretty. It's amazing to think that...you LIVE there! In all that wilderness! How far from a "city" are you?

Page said...

So cool! I wish I could take the pugs hiking! Oh, and you sit like a pug! Well, obviously you are one, but I just love how pugs sit...that is one of my favorite things about them (I don't know why)...Sela sits like that but not Winston. You are so cute!

The Devil Dog said...

Jeepers, Frances. Mom wouldn't know what bear poop looked like even if it jumped up and hit her. Good job protecting your mom. But maybe you might not want to take on a bear. I hear they are pretty big, grumpy, and don't like pugs much.


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

That is a beautiful trail indeed!

Nancy Medina said...

Hiking, eating delishush crabs, seeing finnies stickin outta the water! Howard Pee Pugpants would like to know if he can move to Alaska and run with the Big Pugs!
Nancy and the Piggypugs

Clover said...

Hi Frances!
You are very adorable - I can see how your mom was persuaded to take you for a nice walk. Beautiful scenery you have near you!!
Love Clover xo

The Devil Dog said...

Frances, the lady who cleans mom's teeth is going on a cruise to Alaska on the 18th of July and she told mom that they stop in Ketchikan. So mom told her all about you and your family. She wants to have some "nice" salmon when they get there. ISn't that funny? What a small world. Mom told her about the eagle your dad saw. Mom thinks that is just cool.


TwoPugs said...

Wow. It is just too beautiful where you live. And you are quite the adventurer, Frances!

Pug snorts from,
Pearl & Daisy

Oscar said...

Wow! That looks really neat! I wish we had such pretty trails!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Oh my! Bear poop would definitely scare the Pug poop out of me!

Jemima Jones Beck said...

You look pretty tuckered out in that one picture!
So cute!
Jemima Jones Beck