Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guests from NYC

My life has been turned topsy-turvy this week with the arrival of Mommy's friends from New York City. We picked them up on Sunday and we dropped them back to the airport this morning. Whew! I think I have mentioned before how hard it is to be a good hostess, especially when the weather is crappy (rainy and chilly for two of the three days they were here).

One of the highlights was catching a silver salmon and some rockfish for dinner, which I had a chance to sample. Yummm! And then one of Mommy's friends bought some fresh Dungeness crab (a specialty here in Ketchikan). Double-yummmm!

This was Mommy and two of her friends trying to prove just how tough I am! We went on a 3-hour 50 minute hike up the mountain to two lakes. We actually hiked past the snow line, forging through treacherous snow and ice fields. This is me and Mike romping on some snow at the lower lake. Mommy actually fell on her butt climbing down; I tried not to laugh too hard at her . . .

This is Catherine, a little person. She was my pal during those two-and-a-half days

As you all know, I cam capable of catching my own crustaceans to eat. I find it much easier to beg my Mommy's guests for scraps, though. This is me enjoying the Dungeness crab; pardon the crab guts on my face . . .


The Devil Dog said...

SNOW! Aiiiieeee, run hide run hide. I don't want to see that til like forever!
Glad you had a fun, if busy week. Don't you look cute with crab guts on you. You are my hero, Frances Louise, you try everything and do everything! You are so cool.
I wish you lived closer. I bet we would have a ball together.


Lex said...

Oh dear!! The hubby has been working in Atlin and there is snow there too!! Yuck! I keep telling him to bring me home some Alaskan King Crab since he is so close to Alaska!!

Yum yum, that crab looks goooood!!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi frances!
you are our hero! what an adventurous puggy you are! i am so glad you all had a great time and ate yummy food! i do not think emmitt would know what to do with a crab. he would probably lick it and then start talking to it.
:) m

Clover said...

hahaha the last line is the best. Looks like you had a great time! I would love to see snow right about now!
Love Clover xo

Nevis said...

You're so totally fierce, Frances!