Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to Petersburg

Mommy had to go back to the town of Petersburg for work, so Daddy and I decided to accompany her. For you faithful fans of my blog, you will instantly recall that I had visited this town of about 3,000 back in frigid February. Well, let me tell you the weather was immensely more hospitable this time around . . . in the high 60s.

This provides proof as to how I am mistreated by my parents. Apparently pets are not allowed in the ferry cabins, so all pets must remain in the car on the 9-hour ferry ride. Here I am begging my Mommy to bring me with her while my Daddy tries to sneak out the back of the car.

You can see that Petersburg's economy is driven by fishing

Look at all the snow in those mountains back there!

My parents had dinner at The Beachcomber Inn, where they were afforded this sunset spectacle

I, unfortunately, was not able to see such a beautiful sunset as I was left behind in the hotel room.


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I'm sorry you got left in the car and the hotel room, but at least you got to go with them on this trip!

Rachel said...

a NINE HOUR ferry ride??? There should be hotel rooms on that ferry you can check in to!! But that picture of your daddy backing out of the car is hilarious.

Leah said...

Those pictures are beautiful!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi frances!
i remember your first trip. the weather looks a lot nicer in the summer! what does your mommy do? it looks like a neat job!
m & e

Lex said...

I love the picture of your dad sneaking out! How mean!
I'm happy the weather was much warmer for you, the pictures were beautiful!

Nevis said...

Frances, I don't know how you are able to tolerate the injustice in your life. Being left in the car, not going to the restaurant and being left in the hotel room? You poor, deprived pug. :P

Oh, but that sunset was gorgeous!!! Tre romantic...

The Devil Dog said...

Poor Frances! That must have been terrible, nine hours all alone in a car! Yuk! Then stuck in a hotel room alone again! I think I would have shredded the entire kleenex box if that was me.


rpm said...

I agree with least you got to go on the trip. I bet your mama worries about you left in the car away from her.

Clover said...

Oh no, stuck in the car and in the hotel room?! Well I know your parents were missing you that whole time!
Love Clover xo

Eduardo said...

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