Friday, October 17, 2008


I am outraged: Daddy brought me to the vet yesterday. The vet looked him straight in the eye and said that I was fat. WHAT?!?!? Daddy tried to defend me by saying I am a big-boned pug, but the vet wasn't buying it. Needless to say I am outraged! I weigh an almost svelte 28lbs, most of that is pure muscle, of course.

Anyway, Daddy put me on a no-human food diet starting last night (yes, my parents have been bad pug owners and have been giving me some people food. Mommy says it is because I look so pathetic begging for scraps). I nearly starved yesterday just eating my dog kibbles. But Mommy made apple crumble last night, and I snuck in a few pieces of apple that fell to the floor. Take that you mean veternarian!


Lex said...

28 lbs???? Wow.. Gus is 25lbs. :)
Indy was called fat too and she was only 12, now she is 10 and she has so much more energy. I could see being the 2lbs extra weight, she would start to drag towards the ends of extra walks.
More excerise is a good weight loss plan and of course less human food. :) Good luck!!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Mean vet. What's wrong with a pug with a little boo-tay! I think you're lovely, Frances.

Brutus said...

(sighs) oh Frances I know what you mean. I am about 30 lbs. The vet is so wrong we are big boned. :)

Page said...

Sela was told she was fat as well and put on diet food. It actually worked out well because she got more of a serving since there is so much fiber in it. She's lost a few pounds and she has been so much more energetic...she doesn't pant as much and it's been easier on her joints. But, vets always seem to tell anybody with a pug they are overweight...whatever! Pugs just have a unique figure!

The Devil Dog said...

Oh dear, what a terrible bedside manner that vet has. We sympathise with you Frances. Mom wants to make sure we are healthy, so we hardly get any human food. Just broccoli and maybe a few pieces of popcorn. It's just terrible, I tell you. Terrible. Though I do love the broccoli.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi frances
you are beautiful. do not worry about a thing. your parents will just adjust your calories just a little bit and that rude vet will eat his words.
m & e

Jemima Jones Beck said...

I think that the pug is a very misunderstood animal when it comes to weight. Every time that I go to the vet they tell me that I am fat, but sheesh, you can SEE that I am not! I mean seriously! We are all just very compact!
Jemima Jones Beck

The Lovely Lady Pug said...

I'm a smaller pug, around 13lbs at a healthy weight. A few years ago, over about a 6 month period, I gained about 3 extra pounds because of weekly poker games at my house. Everyone gave me pizza scraps, potato chips, and french fries. I was in heaven. Then Mama and Papi realized that I turned into a chunky pug and we all went on a diet. The diet part stinks but now that i'm smaller, i feel better.

I hope you do well on your diet. It's never fun. :(

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

What? I guess Belle who is 25 lbs is fat too and Poor Turbo weighing in at 33 lbs is obese!

you look like a fit and trim Pug to me...go ahead and sneak a treat or two! Geesh!

Nevis said...

That wasn't very nice of the vet, Frances. I agree with the others.

What weight are you supposed to be trying to get down to?

Sandy said...

Oh, I think 28 pounds is just a perfect amount of puggy to love on! I sure hate that word "diet"...should be banned.

Leah said...

We think you are beautiful!