Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Trip to Alaska

This is my Daddy driving us through Montana

This is me acting all cool, pretending that I do not have a extraordinary urge to pee after a 9 hour car ride.

So, I have been asked about my trip to Alaska. It wasn't my idea, first of all. I actually liked NYC -- plenty of interesting smells and nice dog runs. And every other dog I met was a pit bull or a little annoying Yorkie dog. But Daddy decided he didn't like the city life and he made Mommy look for another job somewhere else. So, somehow (I think they closed their eyes and threw darts at a map of the USA), Mommy found a job in Ketchikan, Alaska. And being the sane people my parents are, they thought: wouldn't it be fun to drive cross-country to Washington and take a 2 day ferry to Alaska. I was obviously out-voted. Humans do NOT listen to voices of reason.

Long journey, short, we are in Ketchikan. Very different, mostly being it rains ALOT. But it is quite beautiful and Mommy and I go out on long hikes. Not too many people here in this town -- Mommy says about 10,000. Daddy says Alaska has less than 1 million people. There are other pugs here -- not too many, though. Most of the other dogs I meet are labs and various other big dog breeds. One thing that makes me nervous are the eagles -- lots of them here. Mommy and Daddy are especially careful about them when we go walking because they can pick up small dogs and carry them away. That is why I am trying to eat as much as I can and weigh ALOT so at least I can give them an eagle hernia if they try to fly away with me.

Daddy loves it here -- he teaches people how to breathe underwater in this strange black outfit with tanks strapped to their backs. Mommy calls it scuba diving, but it looks awfully odd to me. Why would anyone want to go under water?!?


The Devil Dog said...

I would never go under water. I don't evenlike going IN the water. Mom looked up Ketchikan on wikipedia last night and was reading about it. She didn't like the rain idea. She also wasn't quite sure she liked a high temperature of 57 in July. But is still sounds like a great place and it looks VERY beautiful. Do be careful of those eagles.


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I can't wait to see lots of pictures of your new home. It sounds great! You need to take some self-defense classes to protect yourself from eagle attacks! Man! You would have some stories to tell, wouldn't you?