Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ward Lake

Daddy said we needed to entertain our guests, so what better way to do that than take them for a loooong walk and tire them out so they will go to sleep nice and early. We have lots of beautiful hiking trails to choose from here in Alaska, but Grandma and Aunt Judy and Daddy are not as rugged as Mommy and me, so we picked an easy trail around Ward Lake.

This is Ward Lake
This is me scouting up ahead to make sure there are no bears (I am not scared because I know they are hibernating now)

This is me waiting for the slow-pokes to cross the bridge (why are two-legged creatures so slow!?!)

They finally caught up to me.

Grandma and Aunt Judy were not that tired yet, so Mommy and Daddy brought us to a place called Totem Bight . . .


Momo :) said...

I know I know... those two-leggies are so slow! During my walky I always have to look back and make sure if they follow me or not!

I was reading your old post. :)Moving from Upper East Side condo to Alaska is quite an adventure. My pawrents love NYC and still thinking to move there. But just realized that there are many other places they can enjoy their life. :)


pee ess: My mom is going to link your blog to mine. Hope it's ok with you. :)

rpm said...

You must be having so much fun with house guest...especially grandma and auntie. Always nice to get gifts from visitors. I was on a cruise in Alaska and Ketchican was mine and Aunt Sue's favorite place we stopped to take a canoe ride and trail walk. It was so beautiful. You are lucky dog to live there.

The Devil Dog said...

We just came back from trick or treating with dad and the boy. Memere came along, and her dog Missy. Memere took Lucky and Missy home, they were getting tired. They have shorter legs than me.


Leah said...

Beautiful pics! Glad you are having fun with your guests!