Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mommy and Daddy home!

Hello! Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday! I know I did: my pugsitter took me over to her house and I just about had her whole family feeding me Christmas dinner under the table. My parents came home this morning with lots of hugs and kisses for me, as they should since I was abandoned. I want to thank all you out there who offered to take me in for the holiday . . . I would have gladly gone except with the way the mail is delivered to and from Alaska, it would have been Valentine's Day before I arrived anywhere!

So, Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Kane went to Belize to go scuba diving. Mommy likes to pretend she is an underwater photographer; I'm not sure if taking pics from a Cannon Powershot qualifies, especially since most of her pics are only in various shades of blue . . . But they had a great time and took tons of pictures:

Uncle Kane and Daddy on Half Moon Cay

Watch out! Barracuda!

This is a huge lobster -- at least 2 feet in length

Scorpionfish . . . . this fish certainly looks strange

Queen Angelfish -- looks much better in person than on photos

Sand Dollar -- wonder how much that costs?

This is the "Dora-fish", for all those who saw Finding Nemo

Butterfly fishes -- so delicate and light

This weird-looking fish is a triggerfish

Turtle! Pretty neat but not as cute as pugs.

More pictures to come tomorrow . . .


Leah said...

Pretty pictures! Glad you had good holidays, Louise, and got to eat some Christmas dinner!

The Devil Dog said...

Welcome back! We'v missed you. We are so happy you were well taken care of at the pugsitter's. Those are really neat photos your mom took. I am not sure my mom could handle scuba diver. I think she might be afraid.

Anyway, glad to have you back. And yes, the holidays were much better after mom heard from the vet.

Roxy & Lucky

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Welcome home! The pictures are wonderful! The sand dollar is soooo cool! We cannot wait to see more.
Emmitt and Melissa

♥PugPosse♥ said...

What a great vacation your Human went on...SO Jealous! Did they bring you back a T-Sirt?

rpm said...

I loved seeing all of those pictures!