Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We have returned

Hello All! We are finally back from our little road-trip and I am here to report what a nice and not-so-nice time I had. Background: Mommy had to go back to the little town of Petersburg for work (there are lots of little towns here in Southeast Alaska all on little islands). The planes are less reliable in the winter, so she decided to take the Alaska Marine Highway (aka ferry system) this time. We drove our SUV onboard the ferry Monday morning @ 1am and parked the car. I was about to head up to our cabin when slam! the car door closes on me. I am looking at my parents expectantly, knowing that they must have closed the door accidently; they looked at me sadly and told me that pets had to stay in the cars. What!?! I could not believe my ears! Nor could I believe my eyes when I saw them walk away! Mind you, they did fold down the rear seats so I had plenty of space in the back, and my bed, blanket, stuffed babies, and water bowl were there as well. Still . . . I am a spoiled pug and this is not the treatment a spoiled pug should receive! Oooo, I couldn't wait until my parents came back down so I can give them a piece of my mind!!!!
My parents came down 6 hours later to take me for a walk. Apparently the ferry had a 1-hour stopover in the city of Wrangell. We walked outside and boy was it COLD!
This is Daddy showing how cold it was. The temperature dropped to about 10 degrees.

These are the surrounding mountains of Wrangell @ 7am. Still kinda dark.

This is the town of Wrangell

After I pooped and peed (hard to do in the cold. I think my genitals kind of just shriveled up -- and I am a girl!), we ran back to the ferry. I ended up back in the car (drat!), this time for only three hours though. We arrived in Petersburg and checked into our little inn.

This is me -- in bed -- after a long day of doing nothing except whining in the car. All that whining is tiring!

These are photos of the habor in Petersburg. It is a predominantly fishing community founded by the Norwegians way back when. The winter population is less than 3000 brave souls.

It was 8 degrees outside! BRRRR!

Daddy was impressed by the wood all chopped up and ready to be placed in someone's fireplace

Mommy and I had no idea what this was. Daddy said it was either a wolf or bear trap. Mommy threatened to put me in there if I didn't behave . . . I didn't think that was funny

Here I am, the strong and sturdy Norwegian Alaskan Pug in Petersburg, Alaska

Me and Daddy on our way home. Our ferry is in the back (yup, I got stuck in the car again).

These are the beautiful mountains of Ketchikan! Yay -- we were back home again.


The Devil Dog said...

You poor thing? Were you cold in the car? I think that I would go on strike if I were you and stay in bed under all the blankets. No pug hugs or kisses for them.


Frances's Dad said...

Belive me, It breaks the heart to leave her.
She is snoring as I type this!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Frances!
WoW! What an adventure! Momma just read me your story and showed me all of your pictures. You look so toasty and comfy in the quilt. It is beautiful but so cold on your trip. I am impressed you could do your business in that weather. :) Did you feel sea sick on the ferry? I bet the car insulated you from that. It was great of mom and dad to make the car as homy as possible with all of your things. I know their hearts were breaking to leave you in the car, but it was for your safety.

♥PugPosse♥ said...

You live in such a beautiful area. My Husband wants to move to Alaska. To be closer to his sister...

Roy & Gwen's Mom said...

Alaska looks so beautiful! We want to go there one of these days.

pugfreak said...

What an adventure! Were you warm enough in the car all by your lonesome? Those dreaded rules! Next time maybe your parents can sneak you into their room on the ferry! :)

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Oh you poor thing! At least you got to catch up on that beauty sleep that was stolen from you in your last post. Those pictures are quite lovely, but I don't think I could brave 8 degree weather to get them. You are an adventurous girl indeed!

Christine & Giggs said...

Welcome back! Petersburg looks like a really pretty place. Too cold for me though.
Do you get 24 hr darkness where you live? I saw the movie '30 Days of Night' and it was pretty scary.

Punchbugpug said...

Wow, very cool trip! Sorry you had to stay in the car ALONE! Maybe mom and dad should get you a brother or sister????

Page said...

Oh, exciting! Even if you got left in the car....poor puggy. At least you were able to go along on the trip, though!

Oscar said...

Oohhh..Doesn't that make you feel so lost and lonely when they slam the car door on your face and leave you in the car?! My mommy and Daddy do that to me occasionally when they run errands, but I've never been in the car for more than 10 mintues. I can't imagine 6 HOURS!!! And, it's a ferry for pete's sake! It stinks, gots water all over, spider webs in the corner I'm sure, what's a little pug fir going to do?! And pee? I mean come on? the place already smells like fish!

Poor you. I feel badly for you. Hopefully they won't be cruel to you like that anymore or at least-stay in the car with you! I bet my Mommy would have bought me chicken nuggets at McDonalds and then sat in the car with me. She did that once when we weere waiting at the airport, but then again she can be cruel too.

rpm said...

Wow, that is a great adventure. It's so beautiful there. Isn't Petersburg supposed to be in Russia?? You must be close to the Russia! I wonder if you were the only pug in that little town while you were there? I bet you made some people smile, too! Thanks for showing us scenery that many of us will never get to see.

Clover said...

Poor Frances! Sorry you had to stay in the car to sleep - but it was really nice of your parents to leave your stuffies and things with you. Hope you are recovering nicely at home now. Thanks for sharing all your pictures!
Love Clover xo

Suki Sumo said...

Argh - we endure those 8 degree (and colder!) temperatures on a daily basis and our state is nowhere NEAR as beautiful as yours. I think it's time to move. Even though you had to stay in the car, I still think you are one lucky Wild Alaskan Mountain Pug!