Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Visit to NYC Without Me!

So my oh-so-loving parents decided to visit NYC this past weekend and did not bring me, despite my vocal objections. Daddy was worried about the plane ride for me since he thinks I wouldn't fit underneath the seat. Bah humbug! I would have sucked in my gut the whole plane ride if that was what it took to visit my old stomping grounds. One of my Dad's students came to baby-sit me, so it turned out ok. But still, I would have loved to return to the hustle and bustle of the city and to visit my uncle and aunt.

This is my uncle Inu, who is a Shiba Inu (yes, my grandmother is very creative with her names -- NOT!). It is weird that he is my uncle since he is only 6 months older than me. Mommy tells me that he is a spaz. My uncle Kevin thinks the dog has ADD since Inu is always running from one thing to another.

Here is Inu posing for the camera. I think he is quite a photogenic dog, despite not being a pug. We used to get into all sorts of fights when I lived in NYC -- I was always the victor of course. Who can compete against the muscles of a pug?! Notice the little rat in the corner . . .

This is the little white rat (aka chihuahua) that sleeps with Grandma. Mommy doesn't understand why anyone would keep a rat as a pet. Daddy thinks she is cute. All I know is that I like sleeping on her bed (Grandma gets mad at me when I do that because I end up crushing her tiny mattress)

This is my Uncle Kevin cuddling the rat. If I was there, he would be cuddling me!


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

LOL! A rat! I think it's funny that Inu is your Uncle, but the rat is no relation. LOL! Inu is a very handsome dog.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Frances!
You are so funny. You crack me up! Your Inu and Chihuahua family are very sweet, but you are the cutest by far!

Page said...

The rat is kinda cute, but not as cute as you!! So sorry you were left behind :(

Leah said...

We received our Secret Santa gift today, and we think we know where it came from!!! And we LOVE IT! Thanks so much! We'll post pictures later!

Suki Sumo said...

My aunti always calls me a rat but now I know I am NOT a rat. Rats are tiny and they have alien eyes!

The Devil Dog said...

Norman is right, lol a rat! You are too funny. Mom can laugh now, she couldn't Monday night.

Mom says thank you very much for you kind words. She really appreciates all the support she has received. As do we.

Roxy & Lucky

The Devil Dog said...

Btw, Lucky would have made a great gift. I am glad the thieves did not think of that. The boy and mom would have been heartbroken.


rpm said...

Francis Louise, you made me laugh about the rat comment. I saw that little white thing in the corner of that picture and I thought...what in the world? The husband at this house wants one of those real badly...what do you think? NYC to where you are must be like going half way around the world!