Friday, June 12, 2009

At the Pier

Boy is it hot here! I normally like taking my time with my walks, but lately the heat and humidity has gotten the best of me; lounging around in an air-conditioned room has become my routine. Not to say I don't enjoy the outdoors: notice my recent excursion to the local marina . . .

There are way more boats here than in the harbors in Ketchikan, and they seem a bit more, um, expensive also. I don't think many of them are used primarily for sustenance fishing . . .

Ok, Daddy, that's enough. How about we go home for some cold lemonade!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi frances!
oh you looks so happy with your dad at the pier!
how is your knee feeling?
m & e

Andy said...

Hi Frances
The water must be nice and cool. Do you like to swim?

Mom said that the twin quilt she made took about a month or two. But remember, mom works full time, goes to karate three times a week. Teaches one night a week, and has a twelve year old boy.

Quilts are actually really easy. Cut all your fabric into squares of whatever size and then sew two together, and so on. Then sew the twos into fours and so on, until you have a piece big enough to be a quilt.


The Devil Dog said...

Mom just realized she was in under dad's account. But that was us!


Stacy/Brutus said...

Frances, it's hot here in Indiana I can't imagine what it's like in FL. Love the new header!

Hows the lil sis doing?

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hi Frances!
Wow, you are in Florida! Pawesome! I hope you and your family are all getting settled in - it must be quite a change!
I have a new blog now; please come meet my new brother! If you would like to link to me, can you please list me as "Sunshine and Mud Puddles"? Thanks!

Becky said...

Fuji agrees with you on the weather. Yesterday I had to wet her down with cold water after being outside a little too long, she forgot to come in with the others.

Nevis said...

You'e adorable Frances. And I'm with you. I love lounging on the air conditioned couches, too.!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Hey Frances, I hopes you's staying cool! I left you an award on my bloggie... check it out :-)

Smarry said...

Frances, it's hot here in Indiana I can't imagine what it's like in FL. Love the new header!

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