Thursday, November 11, 2010

My parents left me AGAIN!

I should win the award for most neglected pug of the year. My parents left me again for one week -- this is becoming a very annoying habit. Mommy said they were leaving for a very good reason: my uncle was getting married. So what? Why couldn't he have the darn wedding at our house? Florida's lovely this time of year! Nooo, instead, everyone has to fly to another country (Daddy says it is in some place called Rivera Maya in Mexico) and inconvenience me with this activity. And why does my little sis get to go? So what if she is the flower girl? And why did my uncle not pick me to be the flower girl -- I think he likes my little sis more than me (Mommy assures me that is not the case but you be the judge).

Luckily, my parents brought me to stay with Peanut and his mom, Monika, for the week. I don't know why I have this thing with dauschaunds -- they seem to be following me around. I actually had loads of fun chasing him and the other dogs around (but don't tell my parents that -- I told them I had a miserable time)

This is a picture of the resort my parents stayed in. Mommy said they didn't allow pets at the place. What kind of joint doesn't allow pugs?

Looks like Florida, only a tad bit warmer

So this is what my idiot sis does during the wedding -- play with the sand. Mommy said she walked down the aisle like a trooper and then kept on walking (it was a beach wedding) to play in the sand. What a pro, eh? I'm telling you, my uncle picked the wrong niece as a flower girl -- I would have been a hundred times better behaved (and much prettier also)!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

You totally could have rocked that flower girl spot for sure!


Sandy said...

Oh...Little Sis is so adorable. I bet you would have made a bee-line for that waterline if you had the chance! That doggy you are staying with looks like it can show you a good time.