Sunday, April 24, 2011

At the zoo

Hoping everyone had a great weekend. We just lounged around and enjoyed the yummy Florida sunshine. Only two bad things happened this weekend:

1. My Mommy decided to put me in the pool to see if I could swim. I can't.

2. My family decided to go to the zoo without me. Granted dogs aren't allowed at the zoo, but I don't take that into consideration.

Mommy started posting pictures of me nearly drowning in the swimming pool, but I quickly deleted those. I am not stupid enough to allow my embarrassing situation be made public record. So all of you will have just the pictures of the Palm Beach Zoo to enjoy.

My little sis was enamored with the Butterfly Garden where tons of butterflies were freely flittering about.

The Butterfly Garden was paved with stones that had inscriptions on them. Mommy liked this one the best.

This bird had an artificial leg

The bionic bird!


Archie and Melissa said...

oh what wonderful photos at the zoo!
that is a bionic bird!
a & m

Sandy said...

that's not fair...everybody should be allowed at the zoo. I'm glad you didn't drowned in the pool. It might be nice to cool off a bit, but not good for pugs to fall in. We'll be glad to get our pool filled in with dirt so nobody falls in anymore. Plus, we'll have more yard to roam.

Cousin Beag in Maryland said...

Frances Louise,
I wanted to let you know that I am also blogging now, providing useful emergency veterinary information/advice at Would you please take a look at my page,'like' it on facebook, and maybe let your doggy friends know about it?
Your cousin in Maryland,
The Beag